SMW Hack Releases/Contributions

SMW sprite dissasemblies

WIP (dunno when will get done):

WIP hacks:

100 rooms of enemies nightmare edition

A complete version of Daizo Dee Von's hack I'm helping with.

Planned features include:

P-Switch: The Ultimate P-Switch Void

Helping out with a final build of a remastered version of the hack.

SMW: The After Years 2

Contributing lots of asm fixes to a hack with Daizo and Evilguy.

The Silo

New upcoming project I'm contributing asm bits to.

Bill the Bob-omb's adventure DX

Remake of an older hack. New features TBA

Personal hack

Details TBA but will be somewhat like jump/jumphalf, and will feature various original programming. Hopefully original ports too.

Others/Future ideas

Some projects I'll work on later. Additionally, there are some special projects I cannot announce that are currently planned.